Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale? An Estate Sale includes the entire contents of the house, garage and outside patio areas. This is not at all like a garage sale and should not be approached in the same manner.

How do I know if I have enough items for an estate sale? Estate Sales by Dee will provide a Free Consultation during which we will evaluate your situation to determine the best course of action. If it is determined that you do not have enough items for your own sale we sometimes combine two or more estates to create a sale that will be attractive to the buyers.

Can I hold my own Estate Sale? Absolutely, but it is not recommended because it is difficult. Your emotional attachment to items will certainly play a role in how you price them and can result in you pricing items so high that they will not sell. On the other hand if you price items at garage sale prices to move them you will leave money on the table and not maximize you sales potential. Estate Sales by Dee knows how to price items to maximize your return. Besides our extensive background in retailing, which we believe gives us an advantage over other estate sellers, we have developed an excellent reputation in the business with a very large email list that includes resellers and antique buyers that you would not have access to otherwise.

How much do you charge? Estate Sales by Dee charges a percentage of the gross sales plus the cost of an ad in the local newspaper. The percentage varies depending on quality and quantity of items to be sold and the amount of prep work needed to set up the sale. We cover the cost of advertising on our website, various internet sites and many email blasts to our extensive email list. At the end of the sale we provide a detailed statement including an itemized inventory list which contains the sales price for each item.

What do I need to do to prepare for the Estate Sale? When you hire Estate Sales by Dee, you have done all the preparation work needed. Once we have access to the property we do the rest. Please don’t throw anything away; you would be surprised what sells. We will also not need your help during the sale; we take care of everything and ask that you do not show up on sale days.

What are my upfront costs to hire you? Estate Sales by Dee does not charge any upfront costs, we get paid from the proceeds of the sale.

How long is an Estate Sale? Usually we conduct three day sales; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On vary rare occasions, usually dictated by local CC&R regulations, we have a two day sale. We start at 8am or 9am depending on location and stay open till the last customer is gone. Our mission is to be there when our customers want to shop which means we are open more than any other estate sale in the Riverside area. We accept cash, checks and credit cards which makes us easy to do business with. We also accept bids on items over $50 dollars which has proven to be highly successful in maximizing the sales price of those items.

What happens to the items that are not sold? Usually we sell almost all the furniture, antiques, jewelry and appliances but occasionally there are items left over. When this happens we can arrange for your items to be donated to one or more of the 20+ non-profit charities we work with. We do all the work (we don’t just give you the phone numbers to call) and provide you with an inventory of what was donated and of course the donation receipt. We are a full service Estate Sales Company. We can also arrange for house cleaning, landscape cleanup, and minor repairs all of which gets your home ready for sale or rental.

How can I check you out, do you have references? Besides the many testimonials that are on our website we can provide phone numbers from our clients who would be willing to discuss their sale with you. We encourage you to make a thorough investigation when hiring an Estate Seller, this is an important decision and you want to hire the company that will deliver on its promises and maximize your sales potential. Estate Sales by Dee is recognized as the only full service Estate Sale Company in the Riverside area. We have an excellent reputation for conducting professional, organized, clean and neat sales staffed by knowledgeable, courteous and helpful workers.

How do I get my Money? Within a week after the end of the sale, Estate Sales by Dee will meet with you to deliver your portion of the sale including an itemized inventory list and settlement statement. You will know how much each major item sold for and therefore be able to reconcile the proceeds from the sale.

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